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So, I’ve started an occasional writer’s blog;
The World of Mules A Writing Heretic’s Views

Ogden Nash, writing the accompanying notes for Saint Saens’ Carnival of the Animals, lined, for the Wild Ass (donkey): In the world of mules, there are no rules.

The blogosphere is chock-a-block with writing tips, instruction, suggestions, and maunderings from writers of note and people with one self published book to their credit and who are “building a platform” whatever that means. All of these well intentioned people are under the illusion that writing has rules that, if followed will lead to success–or something akin to that. Now, I am not one to spoil anyone’s fun, but after knocking out a fair bunch of traditionally published books (okay they’re genre fiction not real books, I know) I am here to tell you that with writing, as with Nash’s mules, there are no rules. This blog, when I remember to post, will explore the way people write, don’t write, and tackle the creative process generally.

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Interview and Review of Drowning Barbie

Drowning Barbie By Frederick Ramsay:
Review and Interview with the author at Kings River
A California Magazine with Local Focus and Global Appeal

“Ramsay skillfully blends wry humor, witty dialogue, and engaging characters with a dark plot that tackles some of society’s most unsolvable and tragic faults. In this ninth book of the Ike Schwartz series Ramsay takes jabs at bureaucrats, small town mentalities, celebrity fashion fads, academics, and politicians. Perhaps, though, it is one of the most unlikely of townspeople who will exasperate him the most…”

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Scone Island

A new Ike Schwartz mystery!

Review from Publisher’s Weekly: Ramsay’s engaging eighth Ike Schwartz mystery (after 2011’s Rogue) takes the ex-CIA agent turned smalltown sheriff of Picketsville, Va., and his university president fiancée, Ruth Dennis, to Maine’s Scone Island for a vacation. With Ruth still recovering from her near-fatal hit-and-run car accident, Ike is determined to guarantee peace, quiet, and wine-induced relaxation. Unfortunately, a recent death on the island has the locals asking Ike for advice and Ruth on the warpath. When old CIA pal Charlie Garland tries to get in touch, Ike issues a communications blackout to family, friends, and colleagues, knowing a call from Charlie always leads to heart-stopping trouble. Silence, however, is not golden but stained red when Ike and Charlie’s former allies start turning up dead across the country. Surefooted prose speeds this well-told tale of greed and betrayal among the nation’s covert elite. Ruth and Ike’s intellectual bickering will amuse literary and history buffs.

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Facebook, New books

Joined Facebook this spring. Still figuring out why.

The Eighth Veil, a Jerusalem Mystery is out now!

Scone Island, the latest Ike Schwartz mystery comes out this August.

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Readings and Signings

Signing THE EIGHTH VEIL Saturday 3/3  at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore—2:00 pm

Sunday 3/11 Chandler Presbyterian Church, Service at 10:30 Signing at 12:00 (1500 West Germann Road  Chandler)

Saturday 3/17 at Sun City Grand Arts and Crafts Fair 9:00- 4:00

Saturday 3/24 at Barnes and Noble (Grand Ave. And Bell Road 11:00- 4:00

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Eye of the Virgin out soon

Gave up my Twitter account–Got lost in the tweets.
Besides the only new friends I seemed to attract were ladies of doubtful repute and some guy who wanted to sell me something.

Betty Webb, another Poisoned Pen writer, blogs Judas—check it out.

Due out this month Eye of the Virgin.  Check events for signings


Is this cool or what???

In december look for REAPERS, The second in the Botswana Mysteries.

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This and That

Author’s Notes

The web site will be undergoing some renovation soon. In the meantime, the correct e-mail address to reach me is:

Love to hear from you.

PREDATORS is a book set on Botswana. No, it is not an “Ike” book nor is it a “Frank and Rosemary” book. A whole new cast of characters will be introduced. Current plans call for a series co-authored with my son, Dr. Jeff Ramsay, who is a resident of that wonderful country and who will keep the story “real.”

For those who wonder what happened to JUDAS:The Gospel of Betrtayal, Fear not. It is with a new publisher.
Other news. Look for a new cover, added text. maps, and the study guide appended

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Drawings and other news

Frederick Ramsay was Author of the Month for September, 2007 on

Read the whole interview:

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Honors for Impulse!

Publisher’s Weekly designated Impulse as one of the 100 best books of 2006!

And … it is one of only six mysteries listed.

Book Clubs!!

If your club is reading any of these books, contact us. Frederick Ramsay is more than happy to join you by phone or, if you are local, in person to discuss his work, writing in general, or any of the many questions that intrigue readers and potential writers.

Here’s a link you’ll enjoy: Cozy Library

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