Judas: The Gospel of Betrayal

The boy Judas Iscariot struggles to understand his mother’s god. Despairing, he becomes a survivor in the streets of the first century Roman empire. Later, determined to avenge the wrongs committed against his mother and sister, he returns to join the rebels led by Barabbas, only to be betrayed again. Broken, he is brought to the Zealots at Qumran and eventually to the Rabbi Jesus. During this journey he discovers God and is baptized into messianic anticipation. His enthusiasm for revolution leads him to out-guess God. He proceeds down a path that will result in a difficult and fateful choice.

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“If there’s any complaint to be made about the book, it’s that it’s too short, especially at the end, where readers will want to hear more about the familiar cast of characters. Ramsay’s observations about the roles of women in biblical society make the novel a good choice for book clubs.” — Booklist

“A refreshing take on a story we all thought we knew.” - John Maddox Roberts

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