Frank Smith, famed writer of murder mysteries, boards Southwest Airlines heading from Phoenix to Baltimore. His goal is his 50th class reunion at Scott Academy, but behind him he leaves the highly suspicious disappearance of his wife into apparent thin air four years ago and the relentless quest of Officer Ledezma whose impulse is that Smith has killed her and buried the body.

But another mystery awaits Frank at Scott–a mystery 25 years old. A group of young boys walked from the campus into the woods — and disappeared. What could have happened to them? Who better than he to probe the mystery? In doing so, he not only relives his own boyhood when his father was the upright head of Scott’s English Department, but that of the classmates of the missing boys, some of whom are back at Scott now for their 25th.

“superb, perfectly paced”
One of the 100 Best Books of the Year! -Publishers Weekly

Seldom in crime fiction does one meet lead characters as likable as Smith and his long-lost friend/new love interest, Rosemary Mitchell. Both are “pushing seventy” but try to solve the various mysteries with the style, audacity and intelligence of a Sun City version of Nick and Nora Charles.
Publishers Weekly

… a delightful escape into fiction at its best!
– Teri Davis on Dorothy L

In his third published novel and first standalone, Frederick Ramsay proves himself to be an author worth watching.
–Woodstock Crimespree Magazine

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